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Sedang Mencari Layanan Konsultasi Tarot Singapore yang sudah terpercaya? Selamat datang di tempat konsultasi saya.

Are you seeking guidance and clarity in your life? Singapore tarot readings can give you the answers you're looking for and help you navigate life's challenges.

I offer professional Singapore tarot reading services to help you gain insight into your current situation and future prospects. My readings are done with care, precision, and confidentiality to ensure that you receive the most accurate and helpful guidance.

Before you decide to have a tarot counseling session with me, I recommend reading the information below.

With years of experience and a deep understanding of tarot symbolism, I can provide you with the clarity and understanding you need to make informed decisions. Whether you are facing personal or professional challenges, my Singapore tarot readings will give you the guidance and support you need to move forward with confidence.

I usually serve my clients online, and the process of booking a Singapore tarot consultation with me is very simple. Contact me, schedule a Singapore tarot consultation, and then have the consultation session as scheduled.

For those who cannot have a face-to-face session (such as those who can't leave the house, possessive partners or certain busy schedules) Singapore tarot counseling sessions can be done online using chat or phone.

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Looking for a trustworthy Singapore Tarot Consultation Service? Welcome to my consultation place.

Before you decide to have a tarot counseling session with me, I recommend reading the information below.

Don't Rush into Taking Singapore Tarot Consultation!

I can imagine how frustrated you are with your current problems, that's why you ended up on my Singapore Tarot service website.

I fully understand your feelings, maybe you are feeling confused, anxious, angry, worried, restless, or worried. I really understand.

One important thing is I highly discourage you from immediately contacting me right now to pay for this Singapore tarot counseling service.

Think carefully about how urgent and important your current problem is.

This Singapore tarot counseling service is not a magic session as you might think, the method I use is a psychology counseling session.

Together we will examine the problems that make you uncomfortable now.

Together we will find a new perspective on the problem, so that you can also find the best solution for your problem.

Is there a guarantee that using Singapore Tarot will solve my problems?

No way! You wouldn't come to a doctor and expect to be cured without taking the prescription and taking the medicine, right?

Singapore tarot counseling doesn't magically and instantly solve your problems like the false promises of some con artists. This counseling session is not a magic pill, shortcut, or magic that can make your problems disappear in an instant.

I only help you discuss and find a new perspective on your problems. It is up to you to continue or resolve the issue.

That's why I strongly recommend considering carefully before contacting me now.

Where is the location of Tarot Singapore Consultation?

For those who want a face-to-face session, for now I only serve online, by making an appointment beforehand. However, for those who cannot have a face-to-face session (such as unable to leave the house, possessive partners or certain busyness), the Tarot Singapore counseling session can be done online using chat or phone.

Berapa Durasi Konsultasinya ?

Durasi konseling tarot Singapore berlangsung 30 menit untuk satu sesi konsultasi. Jika berkenan untuk lebih dari itu, maka dapat disesuaikan dengan biaya, juga kondisi permasalahan yg dihadapi.

Is it paid? How Much is the rate?

Yes... A session with me is a premium service. As I mentioned before, my service rate is only $20 per 30 minutes, so in one session you're free to ask anything during that duration.

How to contact the Tarot Singapore service?

For now, I only use WhatsApp for communication. You can reach me by going to the contact page using the button at the bottom.

"I am confident, you surely believe that with the right person, your problems will be easier to find a solution."

Who is Abraham Tarot?

Recognizing that it is unfamiliar for many people in Indonesia to come to a psychologist or counselor to share their problems, we present a more familiar method among Indonesian society.

Tarot is often considered as something related to magic or mysticism. Unfortunately, we do not do that.

Tarot at our place is a tool for counseling and therapy, not as a medium for predicting the future.

The negative stigma of society about negative things when coming to psychologists, psychiatrists, or similar professions prompted us to form a team under the name AbrahamTarot.com.

We are practitioners of self-development and empowerment with various backgrounds. We do not call ourselves fortune tellers, but LISTENING THERAPISTS.

WHY LISTENING THERAPISTS? Yes... of course, our focus is on listening to people's complaints. Helping them find a new perspective on the problems that befall them. We have a background in self-empowerment education with a basis in Psychology, Counseling Guidance, Nlp, and Hypnotherapy.

With that, it is hoped that we can help you optimally.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, the symbols in tarot are very related and attached to the human Subconscious.

Problems that appear are often influenced by unseen problems, in other words stored in the subconscious.

For example, if someone cannot advance in their business life, there may be a mental block in their subconscious. This emerges to the surface in the form of attitudes and character of a person in their life.

Team Tarot Singapore:

Mas Al

Educated as a Bachelor of Psychology, he is motivated to help others in dealing with their problems. He uses counseling methods with tarot card media, besides he actively provides private guidance on how to pass psychotests.

Gun Abraham

A Hypnotherapist with a background in Guidance and Counseling, focusing on hypnotherapy and Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of his specific areas, allowing you to find this website on the front page of Google. www.gunabraham.com

Besides Tarot Service in Singapore, What Else?

Abraham Tarot also offers other services besides counseling, such as:

1. Psychotest Mentoring

Psychotest Mentoring is a private mentoring service to help you pass psychote tests for various purposes such as job applications in fields such as: Civil Servants, State-Owned Enterprise Employees, Private Employees, and Others.
Our mentor has a background in psychology. Everything will be unraveled in this private mentoring.

2. Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy service for those who want to find solutions to hidden problems in the subconscious mind such as overcoming emotional wounds, quitting smoking, moving on, unexplained anxiety, boredom, sleep difficulties, and others.
1 Hypnotherapy session lasts 2 hours, and therapy using this method cannot be done just in one meeting.

3. Private Hypnotism Class

For those who are interested in becoming a stage hypnotist, then this is the perfect service for you.
With professional experience since 2012, you will be directly guided by the expert to master hypnosis techniques from 0 to mastery.

This class is taught privately. You can directly practice all the methods taught.

4. FREE Confessional Service

For those who just want to confess without the need for consultation services, you only need to write down your story on a separate page:
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How Accurate is the Tarot Singapore Prediction?

Of course, the testpack you bought in the minimarket is far more accurate than the Tarot Singapore prediction service.

However, the emphasis of my service is not how accurate it is, but rather how you can determine what steps to take next about what you need to do!

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