The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, is concerned with family and the house. People who were born under this zodiac sign are known to ....

Cancer Traits & Overview

  • CANCER DATES: June 21 – July 22
  • SYMBOL: The Crab
  • MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Water
  • HOUSE: Fourth
  • MANTRA: I Feel
  • BODY PART: The Stomach, Brain, & Breasts
  • COLORS: Silver & White
  • TAROT CARD: The Chariot

The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer, is concerned with family and the house. People who were born under this zodiac sign are known to have strong ties to their families and communities, and they take great satisfaction in the familiar surroundings of their own homes.

Cancers have a maternal and domestic nature, and they like providing care and support to others. It is quite probable that they will have a big family; after all, the more people there are, the better! If the Cancerian's family life is calm and peaceful, they will undoubtedly have a joyful disposition.

Cancer is the zodiac sign that rules the fourth house of home and memory. This zodiac sign places a high value on family history and enjoys participating in group activities. As a result, Cancer households are known for their zealous observance of traditions. They also tend to be patriotic, showing their support for the country by waving the flag whenever they have the chance. The excellent memory of a Cancer is the foundation for the tales that are recounted over the dinner table, so you shouldn't be shocked if these people become upset while talking about certain topics. Those who were born under this sign aren't afraid to wear their emotions on their sleeves, and that's just OK with them.

Cancer Symbolism + Myth

The origins of the constellation known as Cancer can be traced back to several ancient cultures, where it was interpreted as a variety of different legendary animals with tough shells. It was connected in Egyptian religion with the scarab, which was considered to be a sign of immortality. In Babylonian culture, there existed a belief that Cancer was the deity who acted as a guide during the transition from life to death and the underworld. This belief demonstrates the continuity of the relationship between this society and the afterlife.

In Greek mythology, the Crab plays a significant role in the story of Hercules' conflict with the Hydra. Specifically, the Crab helps Hercules defeat the Hydra. Hera, the goddess of war, did not like Hercules, so she sent Karkinos, often known as the Crab, to distract him and give the Hydra an edge in their battle. Hercules is killed by Karkinos' bite on the foot, which causes his shell to shatter and cause his death. Karkinos is given a position in the sky to shine for all of eternity as a prize for putting his life in danger to carry out Hera's command.

Cancer Element, Mode, and Season

Summer Solstice

Cancer season starts on June 21, marking the beginning of the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. This zodiac sign is found in the western tropical zodiac. This is the time of year when the sun's heat and light are at their strongest, and the number of hours of daylight exceeds the number of hours of darkness. After this moment, the number of daylight hours will start to gradually drop until the Autumn Equinox, which marks the second seasonal turning point of the year.

The abundance of energy and resources that are available during the summer months serve as a metaphor for the nurturing, sustaining, and revitalizing qualities that are associated with the sign of Cancer.

Cardinal Mode

Cancer is the second of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, all of which carry the elemental force of initiation and leadership at the beginning of each of the four seasons. Cancer is associated with the month of July. The beginning of the summer, when there is an abundance of light and vitality, occurs during the Cancer season. This decisive and sustaining seasonal aspect is the source of Cancer's strong cardinal authority as well as nature's archetypal significance.

Water Element

The moon is Cancer's ruler, and the sign's element is water. Water is the second-heaviest element, and ancient astrologers considered it to be the most malleable, adaptable, and yet substantial kind of substance. Water is the unifying and cohesive force behind all aspects of nature, serving both to hydrate and hold everything together.

Without it, there would be no way for anything that assumes a substantial form to "stick" together. The planet is fertilized by water, which allows for the growth of both nature and human ingenuity. All of the nurturing, guarding, and leadership qualities that Cancer brings to the table when it comes to fusing individuals into family groups are analogous to the way that the water element brings people together.

Cancer Planetary Rulership

Domicile of the moon

In traditional astrology, the sign of Cancer was considered to be under the exclusive authority of the moon. The moon is the brightest object in the night sky, acting as both a collector and reflection of the sun's illuminating beams to illuminate our path through the night. Historically, people have believed that the moon serves as a shield for the planet Earth, shielding us from the brave, energetic, and divine rays that emanate from the sun and the other great planets.

In the same way that a mother bird would break down food into a more tangible form for her young, the moon will filter the intense cosmic rays for all life in her "sublunary domain" so that we are not overcome or killed by the capabilities that they possess.

One can't help but wonder whether ancient people interpreted the craters on the moon as proof that she was protecting the earth from future cosmic strikes. This is where some of the maternal aspects of the moon were discovered to be at work, which is why the moon in Cancer has a unique power and divinity when it is at home in the sign of the crab.

The moon, while in the watery and protecting sign of cancer, may be as nurturing, emotional, and intuitive of a force on the psyche and in the cosmos as she wishes to be. This is because the moon is ruled by the emotion of motherhood. Those who have the moon in Cancer will, regardless of the gender they identify with, have a basic personality that is very maternal, protective, emotional, and psychic. This is because Cancer rules the emotions.

Detriment of Saturn

Cancer, which is governed by the moon, shares its polarity with Capricorn, which is ruled by the earth. Capricorn is a serious, conservative, and quite realistic sign since Saturn is their ruler. Capricorn, which is controlled by Saturn, is the opposite of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon. Cancer's instincts are more inward-focused and emotional, wiring this archetype to be naturally maternal and intuitive. Capricorn is naturally practical, and may be severe and mistrustful of weakness.

Imagine the severe and unrelenting presence of Saturn amid the sensitive, romantic, and sometimes dreamlike world of Cancer. Saturn in the sign of the moon would need to make some kind of adjustment to compensate for this "detriment," as they would be rather out of place in this kind of fluid environment.

This may simply mean that natives born with this placement have a tendency to have protective barriers around their emotions, or they may blend Saturn's judgement with Cancer's emotiveness, causing them to be excessively defensive and self-protective. Either way, this may simply mean that natives born with this placement have a protective barrier around their emotions. It has the potential to have a Saturnian influence on these inhabitants' dispositions, making them more prone to episodes of melancholy and despair.

When it comes to their emotional interactions with others, the native may be more likely to create numerous rules and limits around oneself as a result of this location, and they may also be more prone to harboring long-term grudges if they are offended or crossed. A strong drive to protect those who are vulnerable may also be present while Saturn is compensating in the sign of Cancer. This may be in the form of a desire to safeguard people in their groups or in their civilizations more generally.

Exaltation of Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet of faith, beneficence, and opportunity, is given a very high position in the zodiac sign of Cancer. In this context, the Jupiterian abilities of guidance and affirmation combine very well with the maternal and guardian tendencies that Cancer has.

This location has the potential to combine to generate excellent educators, parents, and spiritual leaders, and it may also strengthen the psychic powers of Cancerians. Depending on how or where Jupiter is placed in the sign of the moon in a person's birth chart, it can be a very fortunate placement that offers prosperity and privileges to the native, which, in their generosity, they will undoubtedly share with others. This can be a very fortunate placement for a person.

Fall of Mars

Classical astrologers believed that Mars reached his zenith under the sign of Capricorn because this sign allows Mars to distinctively and productively show his tenacious fighting qualities.

Mars was said to be in his fall while it was in the sign opposite to Cancer, which may not provide as much of an adaptation challenge as a detriment could, but it still places the planetary power slightly outside of its comfort zone. It draws attention to the fact that the energies of Mars, which are often combative and divisive, might seem to be somewhat unstable in the sense that they frequently alternate between being overused and underused in the life of the native.

Cancer, as a sign, encourages soothing, nurturing, and healing. Mars, on the other hand, encourages inflaming, confronting, and contending; hence, the watery effect of Cancer may stifle one's ability to be forceful and take initiative.

Mars in Cancer people may repress or ignore their anger in an effort to avoid inflicting harm to others. However, this may cause their wrath to build up to the point where it explodes in inappropriate ways. When confronted with rage, locals whose natal charts include this placement get the understanding that comes from fusing these very distinct energies via the manner in which they strike a balance and establish proper limits. They may need to find hobbies that allow them to let out their frustrations in order to prevent themselves from being excessively defensive or too protective of the people they care about.

This placement may also be seen as an application of one's martial skills in a Cancerian manner. For instance, when Mars's fondness for fire and sharp blades is combined with Cancer's love of caring, the result might be very passionate cooks and chefs.

Cancer House Rulership

The Fourth House

Each of the twelve houses in a birth chart is assigned to one of the zodiac signs, according to the contemporary astrological system based on the Twelve Letter Alphabet. Psychological astrologers were the ones who came up with this novel concept in order to link sign affinities to relevant house subjects.

Due to the fact that Cancer's watery, emotional, and protective emotions are congruent with the concerns of the fourth house, which represents ancestors, roots, and home, Cancer was given this house. Because Cancer is governed by the moon, which is a sign that is both receptive and contemplative, it brings a sub-signification of nurturing to the fourth house.

The Third House

It was believed that the planetary ruler of Cancer, the moon, found her "pleasure" in the third house of the birth chart, which is comprised of the house of siblings, the house of neighbors, and the house of short-term travel. Classical astrologers often referred to the third house as "the house of the goddess," which meant that this sector of the chart was associated with the nighttime entry into the mysteries of sleep, dreaming, and regeneration, which were all governed by the moon.

The third house is in opposition to the ninth house, which is said to be the place where the sun experiences the most happiness due to its connection to more extensive, annual solar perambulations and trips. On the other hand, travel that was shorter and more local, such as in one's town or neighborhood, was connected with the moon because of the rapid journey that it makes around the zodiac each month. As a consequence of this, the moon has a certain unique potential or "dignity" when it is located in the third house of the birth chart.

Cancer Characteristics


Because Cancer is influenced by the moon, its archetypal characteristics are drawn from its receptive, feminine, or yin attributes. As a result, this sign is inclined toward introspection and the cultivation of an awareness of one's own interior world. Those who were born with the Crab as their rising, sun, or moon sign have a sensitive, intuitive, and protective awareness at the core of their personality; this is an echo of the life-supporting and sustaining energies of the Summer season. This awareness is alive in both a woman who has Cancer as her sun sign and a man who has Cancer as their sun sign.

Cancer, being a cardinal sign, naturally assumes the position of authority when it comes to the responsibilities of being a nurturer, host, protector, and carer. Those who were born with the sign of the Crab prominent in their charts place a strong emphasis on the development and upkeep of their familial relationships. They have a natural affinity for sentimentality, the comforts of home, and empathy for others.


Cancer individuals are known for their kind and empathetic natures, which is one of their key qualities. You can always depend on them to feed and take care of any friend, family member, or tired traveler that stays in their house since they are always ready to entertain and always prepare the table. Cancer locals have tremendous empathetic skills and are exceptional healers; as a result, they are able to perceive what other people need, sometimes long before those people have stated it for themselves.

The characteristic "sideways walk" of the crab may be noticed in the careful manner in which a native Cancer approaches a new environment or group of people. They have a propensity to sneak up on you stealthily while carefully assessing their environment until they finally open out and show their whole self. Because of their strong protective instinct, Cancers are excellent at sensing the emotional tone of a room, which enables them to foresee potential threats or crises at an earlier stage.

People who were born under the sign of the crab always have something about them that is recognizable, and those who were born with this sign rising in their horoscope in particular give other people the eerie impression that they have met them before. This trait has its origins in the connection that this archetype has to nurturing others and establishing a home, and as a result, they have a knack for making others feel right at home in their company.

Cancerians have the ability to generate a sense of comfort, familiarity, and trust in those they encounter, which enables those people to immediately open up to Cancerians, telling them things like "I feel like I could tell anything" or "It's like I've known you my entire life." This uncanny talent benefits the locals of the Crab well in their duties and occupations, which often include some sort of healing or caring in some way. Cancer residents are typically dependable and faithful, and once you have won their hearts and been welcomed into their inner circle, you can count on them to remain your friend for the rest of your life.

No of what gender they identify with, Cancerians frequently have a strong matriarchal presence in their homes, communities, and places of employment. This is true regardless of the gender they consider themselves to be. Cancer residents have a lot of compassion for those who are bullied or mistreated, and even though they are often calm and peaceful, they may become fierce when it comes to defending the weak and defenseless. They are also careful to safeguard their own safety, having realized at an early age the need of establishing strong psychological and energy boundaries.


Some of the Cancer archetype's potential vulnerabilities have their roots in the significant qualities that they possess. They like the process of making a cozy home, but they have a tendency to have a strong emotional and sentimental connection to the area they live in and the things they keep there, which makes it difficult for them to let go and adapt when necessary. Natives born under this sign may have a tendency to over-identify with being needed if their naturally giving instincts are not properly balanced. They may be more prone to projecting their own feelings of dependency onto other people if they facilitate codependent interactions.

The emotional instincts of a Cancerian have the potential to be both protective and helpful, but they also have the potential to become hyperactive if they are not feeling healthy and grounded. When venturing out into the wider world, this may cause individuals to develop a scared, withdrawn, and hypervigilant attitude toward their surroundings. Cancer is a gentle sign that naturally inspires trust in others; nevertheless, this may be exploited, allowing persons born under the sign of the Crab to find themselves performing too much emotional work and being trapped with other people's emotional baggage.

Cancer, like other water signs, is susceptible to absorbing harmful energies; thus, those who work in the healing or counseling fields of any type need to have cleaning techniques in place. The native Cancer may maintain a "psychological shell" to keep their energy clean by engaging in activities such as breathing exercises, sauna sessions, smudging, and visualizing a protective aura around themselves.

Cancer locals need to be aware of their inclination to be cliquish, exclusive, and unwilling to trust those who are not a part of their family, despite the fact that family, whether chosen or biological, is very important to Cancer. There may be legitimate reasons for this caution, but it is still necessary for native Cancers to keep this reaction in control so that they do not injure, reject, or alienate anybody who is feeling vulnerable. Those born under the Cancer sign are ruled by the crab.

The strong matriarchal instincts of this archetype are a tremendous advantage, but they may be overdone, resulting in traits that are dictatorial, suffocating, and even manipulative if the Cancer native is striving too hard to dominate the environment in which they live.

Because of the moon's close relationship to the brain, those born under the sign of Cancer are notorious for having lengthy memories, which might lead them to harbor resentment. If one crosses the Crab, one may expect others to feel the sting of reactive words, which can sometimes be harsh.

Children who are born under the sign of Cancer tend to be shy and sensitive, and it is important that they be given the space and time to emerge from their shells at their own pace.

Cancer Life Purpose and Career

Mantra and Purpose

In the mantra of the Cancerian, "I feel," we hear the voice of empathy, intuition, and sensitivity coming to the forefront. The Crab has a strong sense of purpose, and that mission is to facilitate and nurture emotional understanding, expression, and awareness in others. These locals will feel satisfied by adopting prominent positions as heads of families, homes, and communities, and they are often active in maintaining the emotional well-being of individuals working in their places of employment. Their strong cardinal leadership qualities enable them to do this.

We all have Cancer somewhere in our birth charts, so we can look to the house that the Crab rules to determine the specific area of our lives that we approach in a nurturing and intuitive manner, or the areas in which we need to call in an empathic Cancerian sensibility in order to achieve material mastery.

Cancer at Work

The compassionate and reassuring attitude of those born under the Cancer zodiac sign makes them well suited for careers in which they may put their instincts for protection and recovery to work. This might take shape in a variety of professions and positions, but it is very unlikely to be found in occupations that include a high level of danger, a high level of stress, or rapid movement. One such area of exception is the medical field, where a patient's alertness and watchfulness during an emergency might prove to be a benefit, as well as the field of professional cookery in high-energy kitchens.

In any other case, Cancers will like working in places that provide them with quiet, seclusion, and an intimate sense of community. They like being a part of a community but can be more comfortable in a one-on-one setting since it allows them to construct a safe environment and give their complete focus to a single individual. It is quite conceivable that these indigenous, by making use of their desire to nest, will discover a means to work from home or will have job that is tied to home visits.

If they have to work in an office or other contemporary facility, they will nonetheless bring cozier touches into their workstation in order to make it seem more like home. Their portion of the staff room or the office refrigerator will be stocked to the brim with the snacks, teas, and flatware that they like using the most so that they have everything they need to feel fed and ready for the day.

Because of Cancers' strong attachment to their homes, many of them work in occupations that require them to manage a diverse range of living spaces. You may find them working as landlords, property managers, house inspectors, or real estate agents. They could even be found operating hotels or bed & breakfasts.

The maternal impulses that are prevalent among Cancerian residents also make them well-suited for a variety of caretaking and childcare positions. They could work in nursing homes, daycares, or even as nannies, but cleaning and homemaking are likely to be the most satisfying aspects of their careers.

Because of their powerful capacity for healing and compassion, crabs are well suited for the many roles that might be played within our healthcare system. They seem like the kind of people who might do well as general practitioners, pediatricians, or nurses.

Because of Cancer's association with providing for and guarding children, many people born under this sign will likely pursue careers in education. In preschools and primary schools, they may accomplish this goal via the use of art and music. As writers and illustrators of children's books, they may also put their creative abilities and talent for telling stories to use.

Cancer locals are likely to have an interest in social welfare and mental health because these fields may provide them with opportunities to do work that is beneficial to their emotional well-being. In the field of social work, as well as in the roles of therapists and counselors, we could hear people using phrases like this one.

The Crab's mystical side may come out when they take on the position of the neighborhood psychic or medium, in which they provide guidance and solace to those who are searching for spiritual meaning.

Those who were born under the sign of the Crab take great pleasure in the art of table arrangement and creating a welcoming environment for dining. A Cancerian's natural inclination is to pursue a career in the culinary arts or one of the related fields. They may find it enjoyable to retain their enthusiasm on an insular, home-based level, or it may take the shape of jobs as fine food merchants, restaurant owners, chefs, caterers, bakers, or even as hosts or waiters in restaurants.

There is an artistic aspect to each sign, and the Cancerian's creative side may manifest in a variety of ways. It's possible that we'll uncover evidence of its continued existence in those with aptitude for interior design and house decoration.

It's possible that these locals are also inclined to water activities like surfing and swimming, both of which would make them excellent candidates for the role of lifeguard.

Cancer Compatibility

When investigating overall compatibility, it is essential to take into account factors more than only the sun sign, since the rising sign, the moon, and other planetary relationships will reveal the whole picture. In light of this, those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are likely to get along best with those born under the Earth and Water signs, while their connections to those born under the Fire and Air signs may need more effort.

Fire signs

Cancer, the sensitive crab, may find it the most difficult of all the zodiac signs to connect to the fiery signs because of their volatility and impulsiveness.

Even though Cancer's reserved and cautious character can benefit from working with Aries's fiery warmth and passion, Mars-ruled Aries might be too bold and determined to be able to relax and settle down with Cancer. Since they are both cardinal signs, they may compete with one another for the role of leader and for control of the surroundings they share. Cancer will never forget the pain caused by Aries' impatience and harsh words right now, but Aries will never forget the burn.

Both modally and elementally, Sagittarius and Cancer have nothing in common with one another. This is a unique combination, and there are likely to be many obstacles in its path before it can be considered successful. Because Cancer is emotional and rooted in the house, and Sagittarius is restless and always on the go, the two of them can have different ideas about how to spend their time together. Cancer, who is sincere and sensitive, will not like Sagittarius' kind of ruthless honesty, and as a result, there will be a lot of misunderstandings.

Being in neighboring signs of the zodiac also means that Leo and Cancer have nothing elementally or modally in common, which means that it may be difficult for them to relate to one another and connect romantically over the long run. Because Cancer is controlled by the moon and Leo is dominated by the sun, there may be a relationship between the two signs that might be described as one of "opposites attract." Because of this polarity, it is more probable that they will be permanently separated from one another in the same way as the day is from the night.

Air signs

Air signs are quick, agile, and sociable, which might be a welcome change of pace in Cancer's world, which is characterized by introspection and a certain degree of melancholy. On the other hand, Cancer may think that air signs are a little too airy and variable to rely on on a more personal level.

The Twins, who are very gregarious, and Cancer, who are intensely reserved, are not going to have a lot in common because of the differences in their personalities. The Crab may find that they are frequently calming the frazzled nerves of the Gemini, but they may have a difficult time keeping up with the cerebral chatter of their partner. But after a time, the two can become sick of this dynamic, and if they want their relationship to endure for the long term, they will need to respect one other's unique rhythms.

The Venusian and lunar natures of Libra and Cancer are more readily compatible than those of other air signs, which allows for a productive partnership between the two signs. Even though Libra's social and creative world and Cancer's personal life don't seem to have a lot of common ground, the two signs might nevertheless work together to throw stunning and personal dinner parties. Cancer will eventually feel the urge to retreat, and as a result, they will seem less cheery than Libra. They would have to be taught the skills necessary to successfully traverse these emotional disparities.

A compatibility between Aquarius and Cancer might prove to be difficult. The nurturing moon presides over the sign of Cancer, while the cold and distant Saturn is in charge of Aquarius. Even while Aquarius may gain from Cancer's attention and care, it may not come naturally for them to provide what Cancer really needs to feel safe and comfortable in return. There is a possibility that on an emotional level, they are too unlike to one another to be able to develop permanent connection without deliberate and purposeful effort.

Water Signs

The highest degree of compatibility exists between Cancer's sensitivity and the emotional intelligence of water signs. It seems that they are able to communicate with one another on a level that is beyond the comprehension of language.

Cancer patient with Cancer and peas in a pod are a great match for one another since they have many of the same priorities and requirements. They get along swimmingly and are on the same page towards figuring out the most important aspects of life. If they are too similar to one another and fight over who is in charge, or if they are both experiencing high emotions at the same moment, this might be a dangerous situation. They are likely to have sufficient concern and empathy for one another to find a solution to the problem.

Pisces brings to the partnership thoughts that are more spiritual and intellectual, which expands Cancer's capacity to receive information and feelings. The combination of these two things creates a synergy that is inherently intuitive, magical, and otherworldly. They will take pleasure in the peace and quiet that they share and will find it simple to work together on creative endeavors.

Cancers might benefit from the sexual energy that Scorpio brings to a relationship, as it encourages them to become more open to sensuality and new experiences. This is a magnetic pairing, since both signs are able to explore the intense themes of power and mystery combined, making it a very attractive combination. As a sign that is known for its intensity, Cancer is not fazed by Scorpio's reputation for being mysterious and gloomy. Although the Scorpion might sometimes be a bit too scandalous for the reserved Cancer, it's possible that this is exactly what they are drawn to in order to help them extend their horizons.

Earth signs

Earth signs add a complementing, elemental affinity to a partnership with Cancer because the Cancerian combination of earth's practicality and water's sensitivity works so well.

Cancer is the exact opposite of Capricorn, and as such, they are able to provide the care and support that Capricorn so needs. The relationship between the two is one of opposites attracting one another, which might either finish the image off or be too polarizing. Cancer takes pleasure in cultivating a cozy house, but Capricorn is often dedicated to their profession; thus, if they can find a way to complement each other's strong points, they will be able to create a more harmonious relationship.

The combination of Cancer and Virgo has the potential to be very successful. They will have a mutual respect for one another's conscientious, sensitive, and thoughtful natures, and they may work effectively together on a cooperative business venture related to health or nutrition. The life of a loving and generous Cancer benefits from the addition of detail and structure provided by Virgo. Their ways of living and their perspectives are complementary to one another, which makes them a perfect pair.

Cancer and Taurus have a lot in common, and they can get along particularly well since they both like good wine, delicious cuisine, and other physical pleasures. Cancer, governed by the moon, is a homebody sign. Taurus, controlled by Venus, entices Cancer's amorous partner, and Cancer recognizes and loves Taurus' supporting and reliable attitude. They are likely to have a good time together and will take pleasure in embellishing their abode in order to give it a warm and comforting vibe.

Cancer Health


According to the principles of traditional astrological medicine, there is a correlation between the four temperaments, the four vital fluids, and the four key constitution types. Because Cancer is a water sign, it is linked to the phlegmatic temperament, which was traditionally considered to be characterized by a chilly and wet nature.

It was formerly believed that the phlegmatic temperament was related to the amount of moisture and lipids present in the body, as well as the generation of phlegm, which lubricates tissues and protects them from infection. Phlegm, on the other hand, may be the source of imbalance for those with a phlegmatic constitution. This is because an excess of phlegm is often created when Cancers are sick, or when they are lethargic or when they are too fed. This is an indication of the phlegmatic personality type, which has a propensity to become relatively cold and unmoving, both emotionally and physically.

Cancer locals have a propensity to experience fluctuations in their moods, which may drive them to become excessively possessive, emotional, and retentive to water and other fluids in their body. Their tissues have the potential to become sluggish, slack, and clogged with poisonous emotional chemicals, which may build up to an excessive amount and are not effectively cleansed out.

Cancers, in particular, have a propensity to be doubly phlegmatic, due to the fact that the moon, their planetary ruler, adds an additional layer of cold and dampness to their constitution. As a consequence of this, it is essential for Cancers to keep themselves warm and active, and to avoid emotional eating, which may lead them to experience feelings of lethargy. However, they will require a lot of sleep in order to regain their strength and power. It is possible that they have excellent recuperative and regenerative abilities.

Body Parts

In traditional astrological medicine, the whole zodiac was traced out on the human body, with Cancer reigning over the stomach, brain tissue, and breasts. [C]apricorn was considered to be the ruler of the entire zodiac. Because Cancer is a phlegmatic sign and is governed by the moon, all fatty and wet tissues, in addition to organs that either provide or absorb sustenance, are associated with Cancer. The stomach and the breast tissue are associated with this maternal and caring sign because of this reason.

According to medical astrology, the brain is under the influence of both Mercury and the moon. The moon is associated to what was formerly termed "the bulk" of the brain, which is the soft fatty tissue that forms the mass of the brain, in contrast to Mercury, which is connected to the intellect as well as the reactions of the nerve system in the brain.

According to the traditional astrological system, here is the location where the retentive abilities and long memory of Cancer were first noted and comprehended. As a consequence of this, Cancers should place an emphasis on consuming foods that have not been altered in any way, and they should ensure that their bodies and lymphatic systems continue to circulate toxins away from their lipids and glands.

Herbal Allies

The marshmallow root is a plant that is actually native to the moon. It has a taste that is somewhat sweet and nutritious, and it has an impact that is lubricating, mending, and protecting on the body and the tissues. It requires circumstances that would be termed lunar, such as chilly, wet mashes, and there must be a plenty of water for it to develop. This lunar plant includes moistening mucilage, which is a gel that cools and lubricates the respiratory and digestive system. If one were to be suffering from inflammation, irritation, or dehydration, this lunar plant might provide relief.

Since ancient times, people have thought of the bark of white willows as being a moon plant. The dry and astringent properties that it has make it constrictive, hence minimizing edema and excess fluid. This is an essential remedy for the dampness, bogginess, and fluid buildup that occurs on the moon.

Chewing on white willow bark, which is known to contain salicin, a component of the pain reliever Aspirin, has been shown to alleviate toothaches and other types of pain. Willow bark also includes flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing agents thanks to their presence in the bark. It is believed to reduce cramps and agony throughout the moon cycle, which is particularly useful for Cancerians, who are controlled by the moon.

Traditionally considered a Saturnian herb, mullein provides a medication that acts as an aversion to the wet and congested situations that Cancer is prone to experience. Its dry, hairy leaves provide a clue to its affinity for the cilia of the respiratory system, which may get blocked with mucus in the phlegmatic constitution and in conditions that create excess phlegm. [Citation needed] Tea made from mullein and tinctures made from the plant have been used to cure a wide variety of respiratory illnesses, such as TB, asthma, and dry coughs that last for a long time. In addition to that, it has mucilage and other substances that are calming and assist make coughing more productive.

Esoteric Cancer

The Three Decans of Cancer

A band of constellations around the world is divided into 360 degrees, and each of the twelve zodiac signs corresponds to a thirty-degree segment of that band. There are a total of thirty degrees in each sign; these degrees may be further split into three ten-degree decans or faces, with each face having its own planetary sub-ruler arranged around the zodiac in Chaldean order.

When performing magical rituals intended to conjure and channel the planetary power of the moon, one might utilize these faces to keep track of the elapsed time. When it comes to the study of the Cancer personality, we may make use of the several faces of the crab to hone in on the taste and undertone of planets or points that are situated inside certain decanic degrees.

First Decan of Cancer: Venus

Venus, the planet that rules Cancer degrees 0 through 9, amplifies the amorous and creative potential of the Cancer archetype for those whose planets are located in the first decan of the sign Cancer. Those who have planets or points located in this decan may have a propensity to look for solace and safety in their romantic partnerships. Love and attraction may also take on a more emotionally transformative, therapeutic, and spiritual significance for these individuals.

Second Decan of Cancer: Mercury

Mercury is the planetary ruler of degrees 10 through 19 of Cancer. Those who were born with planets or placements in this decan may experience a heightening and intensification of their mental and intellectual activity as a result of this. It's possible that some of the Cancers with a more literary bent will show up in the degrees. Because of their somewhat calming and reassuring manner of communicating, they could be well-suited for a career as a counsellor or therapist.

Third Decan of Cancer: The moon

The calm and receptive moon has dominion over degrees 20 through 29 of the Cancer zodiac sign. Those who were born with planets or placements in this decan have enhanced psychic and intuitive talents because to the lunar domicile, which can be found here. This formidable face of Cancer is an excellent location for moon magic rituals, and it is possible that we may see spiritual advisers, clairvoyants, as well as great nurturers and matriarchs arise from this sector.



Meaning of Rising Sign

Cancer rising indicates that the Cancer zodiac sign was on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. This denotes that Cancer is your ruling sign. If you were born with the Cancer rising, you are governed by the element of water, and the moon, the celestial body associated with profound feelings, intuition, pregnancy, and delivery, is your governing planet.


There are a number of ways in which the influence of the moon, which is associated with Cancer, plays into the look of someone whose rising sign is Cancer. Because the moon goes through many phases, the look of someone with a Cancer rising will similarly shift through different "phases." It's possible that throughout the years, this individual has changed themselves to meet their various emotions.

Due to the fact that the moon is symbolized by the extremely full moon, people born under the Cancer rising sign often have a lot of spherical characteristics. It's possible that this individual has full cheeks, a rounded chin, and a beautiful shapely physique. In addition, since the moon is nocturnal (that is, it is only visible during the night), the individual in question often has dark characteristics as well. A person born under a Cancer rising might have hair that is black or dark, eyes that are deep blue, or a complexion that is moody.

Everything about a person with a Cancer rising is "full," much like the moon when it is at its fullest. That explains where they acquire their eyes of such a dark tint, their bodacious bodies, and their luscious, full-bodied hair.


  • Attractive
  • Cautious
  • Cheeky
  • Engaging
  • Insecure
  • Maternal
  • Moody
  • Sensitive
  • Sweet


Everything about a person with a Cancer rising is profound or all-encompassing. Imagine a robust glass of Cabernet. Therefore, when it comes to their personalities, those who have Cancer rising are simply full. It's possible that they have a hearty laugh, eyes that are really dark and eerie, a wealth of tales to tell, and a physique that screams out for attention. They simply can't help but draw an audience to themselves, despite the fact that they have no intention of trying to be the center of attention themselves.

When the sun rises in Cancer, the moon is the dominant planet. And keep in mind that the moon moves through the zodiac signs once every two weeks and a day. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that those born under the sign of Cancer experience rapid mood swings! You can bet your bottom dollar that this placement will tell you precisely how they feel at the same moment that they feel it. When Cancer is ascendant, there are no longer any mysteries.

In addition, this positioning has the potential to be rather spectacular. What would the experience of living be without the occasional emotional glitch or outburst? The Cancer rising individual has a lot of sentiments, yet they struggle to convey those feelings to others. Therefore, fifty percent of the time they may be calm, but the other fifty percent of the time they may explode out and get their frustrations out on you. You won't need to worry about anything if you just go along for the ride.

When meeting someone for the first time, this individual has a tendency to be reserved and reserved, much like the crab that is the symbol for Cancer. They do have a lot of love to offer, but at the same time, they are aware that there is a risk of them giving too many opportunities. Therefore, a Cancer rising will avoid being emotionally involved with a new individual for as long as they possibly can before doing so. (It is not you; it is them who are at fault.)

Nevertheless, when they do let their guard down, this person is a friend, lover, and family member who will stick by them no matter what. They make no exceptions and always prioritize the individuals they love the most.