Taurus, a fixed sign, is not one to give in to temptation or make concessions. In spite of the fact that this energy is unyielding in its pursuit of

Taurus Traits & Overview

  • TAURUS DATES: Apr 20 – May 20
  • SYMBOL: The Bull
  • MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Earth
  • HOUSE: Second
  • MANTRA: I Have
  • BODY PART: The Throat
  • COLORS: Green & Light Pink
  • TAROT CARD: The Hierophant

The sign of Taurus, which comes second in the zodiac and rules the second house, is all about getting what you deserve. In contrast to the Aries personality type, the average Taurus individual is more interested in the benefits that come from participating in a game. Consider sensual delights and the acquisition of worldly possessions, for persons born under this sign like living life to the fullest. This sign of the zodiac is also very touchy-feely, and they appreciate a gentle, even sexual, touch.

The Taurus zodiac sign values coziness and enjoys being in environments filled with items that are appealing and calming. Along these same lines, they like a delicious lunch accompanied by a bottle of high-quality wine. The good life in all of its guises, whether it be the arts or art of their own creating (yes, these people are also creative), is paradise on earth for those who are born under the sign of Taurus.

Taurus Symbolism + Myth

The relationship between humans and the constellation of Taurus dates all the way back to the beginning of the bronze era. Numerous ancient societies in the Northern Hemisphere employed the location of the Bull's sign in the sky as a means of timekeeping and as a signal for the first Spring Equinox. This occurred when the Bull was visible in the sky. Taurus has long been connected with the bestowing of blessings upon agriculture and has been used to denote the appropriate time to plough the soil and grow important crops in civilizations as diverse as Sumeria, Babylon, Greece, Rome, and even New Mexico.

The magnificent legendary white bull that Zeus transformed into in order to seduce Princess Europa is also associated with the sign of Taurus. The princess was transported to the island of Crete by Zeus, also known as "The White Bull." Crete is located in the Mediterranean Sea. There, the two of them had a child who would become known as "the excellent king," Minos, who would go on to reign over Crete for many generations and feature in numerous legends.

Taurus Element, Mode, and Season


Taurus, the first sign of the western tropical zodiac, starts on April 20. This day also marks the beginning of the middle and heart of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when the heat and brightness of the sun begin to increase, and the days begin to lengthen toward the Summer Solstice. This is also the time of year when the nights begin to lengthen toward the Winter Solstice. The beginning of the Taurus season is when nature's bounty and fertility begin to flourish, becoming steady and maintained. This contributes to the earthy and generous attributes that are associated with the Bull archetype.

Fixed Mode

The zodiac's first fixed sign, Taurus, embodies the elemental force of endurance and stability associated with the middle phase of each of the year's four seasons. Taurus is the first of the four fixed signs. Taurus starts at the midst of spring, which is the time of year when the season is at its most "fixed" and established, which lends to the anchored, immovable, and somewhat rooted characteristics of this sign.

Earth Element

Earth is the heaviest and most substantial element, and ancient astrologers believed that it was also the densest form of substance. Taurus is associated with this element. Without the earth, nothing in nature could ever have a tangible shape since it provides the foundation upon which everything else in nature is formed and rests. The characteristics of methodicalness, patience, and dependability that are associated with the sign of Taurus are all reminiscent of the earth element, which is heavy and substantial.

Taurus Planetary Rulership

Domicile of Venus

Venus was considered to be the ruler of both Taurus and Libra in the traditional school of astrology. It was traditionally believed that Venus spent her nights in the sign of Taurus, which is a generous and pleasure-loving earth sign. This provides Venus with the opportunity to channel and manifest all of the earthy treasures and bounties that she has. Affection and attraction are two of them, as are delectable food and drink, as well as gorgeous and creative goods.
Those who are born with Venus in the sign of Taurus are likely to be attracted to activities that involve the creation, accumulation, and enjoyment of Venusian gifts. They may also have an enormous capacity for patience and devotion, both of which they may bring to bear in the different crafts they practice and the relationships they maintain. Those who are born with Venus in her nighttime domicile will have a natural affinity for the Venusian attributes of friendship, pleasure, and often indulgence. These characteristics will come to them easily.

Detriment of Mars

The fixed water sign of Scorpio is in polarity with the earth sign of Taurus. Scorpio, which is traditionally dominated by Mars, enjoys challenging, defeating, and dividing others, while Taurus, which is traditionally ruled by Venus, seeks peace, patience, and satisfaction in life. When Mars is in the sign that is the opposite of his usual home, which is Taurus, which is an earthy, sluggish, and stable sign, it is said to be in detriment or at a type of disadvantage in Taurus.

Imagine Mars, the planet of conflict, battle, and drive, imprisoned and tamed inside the languid, pleasurable paradise of Venus, where there is only peace and pleasure. Mars would need to compensate to some degree, which might give those whose natal Mars is in the sign of Taurus an extremely long fuse and a tendency for avoiding conflict.
These individuals may have a propensity to be lazy, and it may take them some time to get up the motivation to do anything. It is possible that this is not a negative in the traditional sense; rather, it is more of an adaptable and Venusian manner of making use of one's drive and wrath in a way that is not as instantly raw or visceral as it looks in Aries or Scorpio.

Even while it could take them a long time to become angry, once they do, you should probably step away since it might all burst out at once like a volcanic explosion. It is noteworthy to note that people who have Mars in the sign of Taurus tend to have a tremendous amount of strength and endurance, and they may utilize their power gradually, thoughtfully, and often in the service of others.

Taurus House Rulership

The second house

Each of the twelve houses in a birth chart is assigned to one of the zodiac signs, according to the contemporary astrological system based on the Twelve Letter Alphabet. Psychological astrologers were the ones who came up with this novel concept in order to link sign affinities to relevant house subjects. Since Taurus' earthly and material ambitions are connected with the concerns of this house, the second house of stability, belongings, and personal fortune was allocated to this sign. The sign of Taurus, which is controlled by Venus, brings an abundant Venusian sub-signature into the second house. This is because Venus is the planet that rules Taurus.

The fifth house

It was believed in traditional astrology that Venus, the planet that rules Taurus, found its "joy" in the fifth house of the birth chart, which is associated with sexuality, creativity, and the joys of life. Classical astrologers also referred to the fifth house as the house of "good fortune," which meant that it was associated with all of the positive and advantageous happenings and resources that may come our way in life at any given time.
This has to do with the fact that Venus is traditionally seen as the planet that is accountable for bestowing upon us good fortune, fertility, and wealth, in addition to being the planet that links us to our love and sexual experiences. As a consequence of this, Venus is able to "joyfully" convey its particularly beneficial and abundant offers while it is positioned in this house. Venus is also the historical source for how the pleasant significations of this house were first conceived of.

Taurus Characteristics


The archetypal characteristics of Taurus are drawn from the sign's receptive, feminine, or yin attributes. Because Venus is the ruler of Taurus, this sign is inclined toward introspection and involvement with one's own inner consciousness. Those who were born with the sign of the Bull as either their rising, sun, or moon sign have an energy that is steady, patient, and generous at the core of their personality. It is as if the bounty of Spring were alive and well in their very souls. This quality can be found in both a Taurus woman and a Taurus man. 
The attributes of a sustainer are ingrained in a Taurus' nature since they are born under the fixed sign of Taurus. Consequently, people whose natal charts prominently include the sign of the Bull tend to be quite good at devoting themselves to seeing both tasks and relationships through to their completion.
Taureans can be thought of as the "builders" of the zodiac because, as the natives of the sign ruled by Venus, they are devoted to the production and facilitation of material abundance as well as all that is beautiful, nourishing, or pleasurable in life. This gives them the reputation of being the "builders" of the zodiac.


Patience, the capacity to be inventive, industrious, and consistent are some of the key traits that are associated with those born under the Taurus sign. People who are ruled by the Taurus zodiac sign are known for their calm demeanor and receptive nature. They often think in a tangible and practical manner and give serious consideration to what it is that they want to convey.
As a fixed earth sign, Taurus can be depended on to maintain, support, and protect the things that are important to them, whether it be their career or the relationships in their lives. Taurus locals are dependable and steadfast in finishing what they start, and they are relentless in upholding their promises. This is in contrast to cardinal signs, which are adept at starting things off, and changeable signs, who are good at adapting to change.

Taurus, who are born under the fixed earth sign, may be slow to slowly acquire new information or abilities, but because to their great resolve and powers of focus, they almost never forget what they have learned.

Those who are born under the sign of the Bull have a natural connection to the earth's beauty as well as the sensuality that exists inside their own bodies, thanks to the effect that Venus has on their life. Spending time walking on or digging in the dirt provides Taureans with a sense of rebalancing and recharging that helps them cherish and maintain the natural world.

As masters of the material world, individuals born under the sign of Taurus are often creative and extremely proficient in a variety of handicrafts. They also have a passion for collecting, amassing, and sharing items that are well crafted. Even though they like getting presents, the kind and emotional Bull enjoys giving them even more. They are known for lavishing their loved ones and friends with lovely presents and are known for their generosity.

Taurus often has the Venusian hallmark of excellent taste, however this may manifest in a more rough and earthy manner. This is comparable to Libra in this regard. Those who are born under the sign of the Bull are drawn to clothing and accessories that, in addition to being pleasing to the sight, also have a certain texture or tactile quality that "feels" pleasant to wear or touch.

Taurus Life Purpose and Career

Mantra and Purpose

The slogan of the Taurus is "I have," and it represents the voice of conservation, preservation, and stability in the world. The Bull has a strong sense of purpose, and that mission is to materialize and stabilize, providing structure, dependability, and trustworthiness to their communities and relationships.

We all have Taurus somewhere in our birth charts, so we may turn to the house that the Bull dominates to decide the precise area of our lives that we approach in a determined and unwavering manner, or where we need to rely on the Bull's calm and patient spirit in order to achieve mastery.

People born under the sign of Taurus have a natural tendency to be attracted to any endeavor in which they can develop, construct, and ultimately fulfill a goal, concretizing an otherwise intangible idea. The realms of cultivating plants and herbs, building, creative production, and sensory tactility are all ideal outlets for the skills and capabilities of Taurus.

Taurus at Work

Because Taureans are so patient and thoughtful, they are well suited for careers that need them to be able to concentrate on developing something from the ground up and seeing it through to completion. Their professional lives need to have some predictability and continuity in order for them to be able to feel focused on the work at hand. It is likely that their emotional stability, physical strength, and determination will be their strong suit; consequently, jobs that do not physically challenge them or that do not fully utilize their ability to be "hands-on" will be a frustrating waste of their potential and will not allow them to reach their full potential.

This might appear in many different professions, but it probably won't be found in work conditions that are extremely hectic and distracting, since Taurus needs to take their time, be thorough, and focus. Caring for others or doing other types of service work may be satisfying for some people because it allows them to utilize their steady demeanor and dependability to help those who are floundering. The ideal positions for them will be found in employment that provide them with tangible fulfillment at the end of the day and that provide them with practical confirmation that they are making progress.

Because Venus is the dominant force in the Bull's life, the ideal place of employment for this lovely and reliable sign should be stunning in a calm and natural manner. If a Taurean is able to produce beauty for others in a variety of ways that are both nourishing and inspirational, they will also feel linked to the mission of their soul.

Because Venus and earth are both found under the sign of the Bull, those born under this sign have a natural affinity for plant life and for subsisting off the earth's abundance. People born under the sign of Taurus are often seen working in agriculture, whether as farmers, ranchers, gardeners, or horticulturists. They could even find fulfillment in employing their artistic skills as florists, crafting lovely flowers as a means of conveying an emotion.

Carpentry and exquisite woodworking are likely to appeal to locals of Bull because of their hands-on and inventive nature, as well as their passion of building. They may put their tactile skills to work here by sanding and shaping long-lasting pieces of art that have practical applications.
Taureans are among the most avid collectors in the world, and they take great pleasure in discovering the backstory and significance of the objects they acquire. They might also be interested in gemology, which is the study of the composition and worth of the many gems that can be found on earth. This curiosity may also result in sales of jewelry or even in the creation of new pieces.
People that are inherently tactile and sensuous, like Taureans, may be attracted to the field of body care and may become some of the most powerful, but relaxing and delicate massage therapists possible. 

When thinking about careers that are suitable for those born under the sign of the Bull, one should not discount their natural talent for handling money and other resources. It's possible that a career in banking or accounting, or even one as a stockbroker, treasurer, or economist, might be appropriate and intriguing.

Since the Bull is ruled by Venus, who is the goddess of beauty and art, the residents of this sign are extremely likely to be creative and gifted in the arts. Because they are patient and love working with their hands, they could find enjoyment in sculpting or ceramics. In addition, tailoring and fashion design could pique their interest since these occupations enable people to deal with textured materials to produce lovely decoration.

Venus is related with music in the traditional astrology of many different traditions. In medical astrology, Taurus controls over the throat, which is said to bestow to Taureans a voice that is soothing and pleasant. They have a vocal tone that might open doors for them as singers in a variety of musical genres.

Taurus Compatibility

It is essential to take into account factors other than the sun sign when investigating the overall compatibility of a couple using astrology. The rising sign, the moon, and other planetary cross-connections will reveal the whole tale when it comes to the dynamics of a couple's relationship. Having said that, those born under the sign of Taurus tend to get along best with those whose signs are associated with water and earth, while their interactions with those whose signs are associated with fire and air may need more effort.

Fire signs

It's possible that Taurus enjoys the energetic aspect of the fire signs, but over the long run, they may not love their impulsiveness and instability. Aries, which is controlled by Mars, in particular, may be too boisterous and impatient for the Bull, who is steady and patient.

Taurus may find themselves challenged by Sagittarius' incessant need for change and the ability to adjust to new circumstances. When it comes to material goals and possessions, the two may move at quite different paces and place different values on a variety of different things.
Both Leo and Taurus like social gatherings, aesthetics, and the finer things in life. However, due to the fact that they are both fixed signs, they have an equal capability for being obstinate, which might result in too much conflict for the relationship to last.

Air signs

Taurus is inspired and stimulated by the quick, gregarious, and outgoing character of air signs; nevertheless, since Taurus is so systematic and anchored, the two elemental natures may move at such opposite speeds that it may be difficult to synchronize their lives.

Gemini, in particular, contributes a somewhat frantic and often mischievous character to the partnership, which may only baffle and frustrate Taurus in the end since Taurus is so systematic and realistic.

Since Libra and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, they have a natural connection with one another and a mutual appreciation for things like aesthetics and lavish living. They could be a fairly good match, but problems can occur if Libra likes to be socially impromptu and Taurus wants to steadfastly adhere to a preset plan. Both signs might be surprised by how well they get along.

The combination of Aquarius and Taurus could either stimulate development or be impossible to balance. The sign of Aquarius, which is controlled by Saturn, takes their controversial and intellectual disputes as seriously as Taurus takes their pleasures and luxury, which means that they may come to an impasse in terms of their temperament and ideals.

Earth signs

The signs of the Earth element have the most elemental connection with Taurus because they have common characteristics such as dependability, materialism, and sensuality.

Two Taurus together are like two peas in a pod; they are able to readily share the same routines and comforts with one another. Even though it will be essential for them to appreciate some development and change between them in order to maintain the vitality of their connection, it's possible that they will just take pleasure in experiencing a sense of coziness and safety together.

Taurus and Virgo have a lot in common, and they could get along particularly well because of their shared interests in taking care of their bodies and being outdoors. Taurus' propensity for overindulgence may be counteracted by Virgo's advice on herbal remedies and healthy lifestyle choices, while Taurus' earthy and reassuring demeanor can assist Virgo overcome her predisposition toward nervousness. Both parties have a lot of reasons to appreciate and rely on this location.

The authoritative cardinal earth sign of Capricorn shares the Bull's passion for achieving real achievements and being a master of their material surroundings. Together, the creative and systematic efforts of a Taurus and a Capricorn may establish a powerful empire. Capricorn and Taurus are both highly sensual signs, although Taurus may be a little bit more so. This sensuality encourages Capricorn to experience greater closeness, relaxation, and pleasure to counteract their strong work ethic.

Taurus Health


In traditional astrological medicine, a person's temperament was linked to one of four vital fluids and one of four important constitution types. There were a total of four temperaments. The melancholy temperament, which was considered to be chilly and dry, was connected with the earth sign of Taurus since Taurus is an earth sign.

It was formerly believed that the spleen, which helps to maintain immunity by filtering blood, was associated to the melancholy temperament. It was also believed that the melancholy disposition was linked to "black bile," which was a figurative material that existed in the body and was referred to by ancient doctors.

This reflected a propensity for the melancholy constitution to become frigid and stagnant, where poisonous chemicals were able to build up to an excessive amount and were not effectively cleared out. This was a result of the fact that the melancholic disposition tends to be more introverted. This adds credence to the concept that, according to medical astrology, a Taurus' temperament and constitution might become excessively slow and fixed if it is not kept in balance through movement and circulation.

This ancient medical method added another dimension to the constitution of a Taurus, which stems from the fact that Venus, the planet of coolness and moisture, rules over the sign of the Bull. It was claimed that this imparted a phlegmatic character onto Taurus as well, rendering this constitution similarly susceptible to congestion and the accumulation of phlegm. In general, Taureans have strong powers of recovery and endurance; yet, in order to maintain their ideal level of health, they may need to ensure that they remain warm, mobile, and motivated.

Body Parts

In traditional astrological medicine, the whole zodiac was traced out on the human body, with Taurus reigning over the lower jaw, neck, and throat. This is because Taurus represents the earth element. As a consequence of this, those who were born with a significant Taurus placement in their birth charts may have robust necks, but they may also need to take precautions against throat infections and thyroid gland abnormalities.

Those born under this sign will need to ensure that their bodies are kept warm and that circulation is maintained in order to encourage the flow and discharge of lymph. Taurus should not put too much stock in the idea that their bodies have powerful healing and regenerating capabilities just because they were born in the middle of spring because they shouldn't. The heating of meals that are beneficial to digestion, cleansing, and circulation, in addition to maintaining an adequate water intake, is recommended for Earth signs.

Herbal Allies

Venus is the planetary ruler of the plant known as broadleaf plantain, which is a weed that may be used for a variety of medical purposes. It may be formed into a poultice and applied to the affected area to pull out stingers and infections. Additionally, it is soothing to burns and other skin irritations.

As an astringent, it may help tighten and seal wounds, as well as mend raw digestive tissue. Venusian principles of connection and repair are embodied in this substance. Because of the Bull's phlegmatic and melancholy nature, it may also aid tone and tighten organ tissues in the body that have become too damp or sluggish as a result of the Bull's constitution. Plantain has a mucilaginous nature, which helps to alleviate pain, and it has a large number of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a healthy plant that can be used to salads.

Poke root has the medicine of antipathy for Taurus, which means that it delivers stimulating properties that are opposing and restorative to the Bull's slow metabolism and sluggish circulation. Poke root is also known as poke root medication. Poke root, which is traditionally associated with the planet Mars, has been shown to have a poking action that stimulates lymphatic drainage and also helps break up thick mucus deposits and cysts. Among addition to this, it is beneficial for warding off severe colds, strep throat, and throat infections of any type, all of which are common in Taureans.

Cayenne pepper is a strong warming and stimulating spice, which makes it an excellent medical antipathy for the health of the Bull. When the body is experiencing a sense of being chilly and sluggish, it delivers essential heat to the body, which may have an awakening impact on the mind and circulation. Sweating, which promotes detoxification and elimination, and may also help to dissolve and liquefy heavy mucus in the sinuses and lungs, is caused by cayenne, which also promotes detoxification and elimination. When used appropriately, it has the potential to be an excellent Taurus herbal and culinary ally.

Esoteric Taurus

The Three Decans of Taurus

Every one of the zodiac's twelve signs corresponds to a 30-degree segment of the larger 360-degree band of constellations that goes around the globe. The thirty degrees that make up each sign may be further split into three ten-degree decans, also known as faces; these decans, which each have their own planetary sub-ruler distributed around the zodiac in Chaldean order, can be further subdivided.
These decans, sometimes known as faces, can be used in the scheduling of magical rituals in order to conjure and channel the power of Venus's planetary domain. When it comes to the study of the Taurus personality, we may make use of the several faces of Taurus to hone in on the flavor and undertone of planets or points that are positioned inside certain decanic degrees.

First Decan of Taurus: Mercury

People whose planets are located in the first decan of Taurus are influenced by Mercury, which rules degrees 0 through 9 of the sign. As a result, people with planets in the first decan have the potential to be more chatty and analytical than the conventional placid and grounded Bull archetype. People whose birthdays fall within this decan tend to have personalities that are more academically minded, and their creative manifestations may be more literary. These locals may be prone to a little more anxiety than other decans of the Bull because the influence of Mercury can add a nervous undertone, and because Mercury's influence may add a nervous undertone, these natives may be prone to a little more worry than other decans of the Bull.

Second Decan of Taurus: Moon

The moon exercises its influence over degrees 10 through 19 of Taurus. This is known as the moon's exaltation, and because of this, it is a highly powerful placement on many levels, including the emotional, creative, and magical ones. People whose natal planets or points are located in this decan have a greater chance of being fortunate, philanthropic, and emotional. This is because they are able to harmoniously combine the nourishing energies of the moon with the bountiful Venusian impulses of Taurus.

Third Decan of Taurus: Saturn

Degrees 20 through 29 of Taurus are ruled by stern and serious Saturn. The influence of the planet of time and trials in this decan amplifies the dogged and determined qualities of the Bull, making those born with planets or points here potentially very disciplined and persistent. Saturn is associated with elders, so there may be a suggestion of longevity in this face of the Bull.



Meaning of Rising Sign

If you were born with the sign of Taurus rising, it indicates that the zodiac sign that was visible on the eastern horizon when you were born was Taurus. If you were born with the Taurus rising, the earth element controls you, and Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and lasting relationships as well as money, is your governing planet.


It is natural for the sign of Taurus, which is controlled by Venus, the planet of beauty, to have a face that is attractive to the eye since Venus is the ruler of Taurus. They just need to give someone a fleeting look to win them over! Nevertheless, it is not the end of the story. This positioning will most likely provide all of their attributes, including their hair, complexion, and body structure, an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Since Taurus is the sign that regulates the neck and shoulders, the characteristics of their Taurean figure are likely to be most pronounced in these regions. Because Taurus is a bull-like sign, people born under this zodiac have a tendency to have shoulders that are quite robust and solid. It's also possible that they have thick necks (or no neck at all from the looks of them).

A person born under the sign of Taurus should have a physique that is steady and unwavering since Taurus itself is immobile and unshakeable. This positioning will often give the impression of having a stocky or square-shaped physique. They could also have brown eyes and hair color, and they might be of ordinary height.


  • Affectionate
  • Easygoing
  • Loyal
  • Peaceful
  • Routine
  • Seductive
  • Slow
  • Stubborn
  • Willful


Taurus, a fixed sign, is not one to give in to temptation or make concessions. In spite of the fact that this energy is unyielding in its pursuit of its goals, it is also hard to reach a compromise with it in the event of a dispute. Therefore, a Taurus rising will not be eager to make any drastic changes to their local environment any time in the near future. They are familiar with the area, they have their go-to hangouts, and they have established a reliable pattern, so it's possible that they might even choose to remain in their hometown.

The adage "slow and steady wins the race" holds true in the mindset of a Taurus rising. This ascending sign will not act in a rash or illogical manner in the near future. They will give careful consideration to how they should respond to any circumstance in order to ensure that it is the suitable reaction. This is one reason why people may be so obstinate. When you deliberate about a matter for an extended period of time, you demonstrate a capacity for sound decision-making and, therefore, the tendency to believe that you are in the right.

It's not that this placement moves at a snail's pace... It's the fact that they put a high value on their own time. Therefore, there is no way that they would squander it on anyone who does not merit it. Because of this, rising Taurus personalities are very loyal to their friends and relationships.

The placements of the rising signs allude to very tangible aspects of us, such as our vitality. When a Taurus rising has mustered up the necessary strength to carry out an endeavor, they will not hesitate to do so. You are unable to coerce a Taurus rising into doing anything. There will be times when this sign would rather do nothing but veg out on the couch all day long while munching on popcorn and watching movies than engage in things that require real effort.

When meeting someone for the first time, everyone around you will get the idea of someone who is really relaxed, cool, and easygoing. This individual has the ability to get along with any stranger, provided that they are pleasant. However, if the unknown person is forceful, invasive, or too bombastic, the Bull is not going to react well to this. Because Taurus rising is usually serene, it's probable that they'll just walk away from the situation. Be careful, though, since while people born with the Taurus rising sign are exceedingly patient, if they are pushed beyond their boundaries, they might explode on anybody.